Lightning splits the sky in a sleepy village near Savannah. Panama Parker arrives to house sit for friends, who recently purchased legendary McClellan Manor. The new owners are oblivious to the mansion’s dark history, as is Panama. Crawling into bed late one night, he is unaware of the mysterious and spooky awakening he will experience.

Panama finds himself caught in the middle, betwixt the past and the present. He’ll need all of his wits as he does battle with the known and unknown; the natural, and the supernatural.

There is more to McClellan Manor than meets the eye. Its stormy legacy places Panama on a collision course with powerful forces, from the dead and the living, who have their own plans for the estate.




While relaxing in the Florida Keys, Panama’s solitude is invaded by overbearing neighbors, and their yapping dogs.  He is finally rescued by an old friend, Faye McGrath.

Faye invites Panama to visit her private Caribbean island, where he meets Piper, a stunning Latino beauty, and daughter of Faye’s boyfriend.   Panama discovers the haughty Piper a tough shell to crack.   But on a bright, sunny day, while avoiding each other on a small beach, they suddenly hear gunshots, and witness a horrific airplane crash, in the blue Caribbean sky.  After the subsequent discovery of floating treasure, they join forces and devise a daring plan to elude imminent danger from those determined to recover the bounty.

Ride along as Panama navigates his way from the Caribbean, to South Dakota’s Black Hills, in a quest to return the stolen treasure to its rightful owner. Along the way, he must outrun international criminals, while surrounded by a biker gang!


While Panama RV’s from Arizona to Florida, he collects a passenger who turns out to be a royal pain!

A friendly gesture soon turns into an international manhunt, and Panama is forced to dodge every conceivable obstacle.  He eventually gets help from a trusted old friend, mountain man Speck Ingram.  Panama and his mysterious guest are soon evading all sorts of predators in Speck’s old truck.

Being cut off from every modern communication in the jalopy, they have no idea they are headed straight for the biggest threat of all:  a monster, class-five hurricane.

Join Panama as he navigates his way through international intrigue, while avoiding police, bounty hunters, and more!


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North, to Alaska, go north, the rush is on!

After the discovery of an old diary, Panama Parker sets out for Skagway, to unearth the truth about a family mystery. As he travels, in and out of the past, wolves, bar fights, and an entire Alaskan town seem determined to foil his search.

While Panama seeks another kind of treasure, he agrees to take the crotchety and annoying neighbor, Speck Ingram, to search for gold. He is unaware Speck is determined to stop him. No matter where Panama goes, trouble is behind him…literally.

After a frustrating trip from Georgia to the Canadian border, Panama makes his way to Alaska, in search of his family roots. What he finds, there, opens Pandora’s Box, and may change him forever.


Panama 66 Front Cover Only


Panama Parker is back to share his latest adventure! In Panama 66, he travels from Bar Harbor, Maine, to the starting point for Route 66, to begin another edge-of-your-seat road-trip!

While exploring highlights along the iconic highway, Panama happens across a rogue ex-military lunatic and his journey takes on a twist he couldn’t have imagined.

His expedition turns into a battle of wits as he navigates an escape. In Panama 66, you will cheer him on as Panama Parker outwits men, the elements, and his fears.

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Panama Parker sets off in his R.V. for another adventure (or four!)

While traveling to Quartzsite, Arizona, Panama unwittingly picks up a bank robber’s loot.

Soon, he’s surrounded by crooks and cops as he geocaches his way across the desert southwest.

So, how does he end up almost blown to smithereens in Bar Harbor, Maine?

Join Panama as he navigates his way through hilarious jams and adventures across the country.

In PANAMA BAY, you get to ride shotgun in another fun-filled trip in the Panama Parker series. Buckle up! You won’t want to miss this trip!

GULF TREASURE is available now for order from Amazon in paperback, and for your Kindle device.

In this, the first book in the Panama Parker Adventure Series, Panama has a job he hates, an ex-wife who hates him, and now he’s stuck in rush hour traffic on a freeway engulfed in flames.

Seeking escape from this rut, Panama leaves his employer, buys a used RV (Miss Minnie), and moves to Panama City Beach, Florida.

How difficult could starting a new life be? Land a job on a fishing charter, live in an RV park, and save up money to explore the entire country. But he didn’t count on meeting Franky, losing everything, and a trip to prison.

Not only that, a round at Augusta National, priceless baseball cards, recording an album and you end up with the trip of a lifetime.

GULF TREASURE is a fun-filled, page-turning romp.


John Marshall Potts was born with all odds stacked against him. Raised in utter poverty, the oldest child in a family of sharecroppers, Marshall’s life takes a dramatic turn when he finds the body of a local merchant’s daughter in the woods near his home.

The body would haunt him through his time in the Army, his encounter with a voodoo priestess, and ultimately his career as a police detective. Marshall must decide whether his past will remain buried, or if he will reopen the coldest of cases in his hunt for the killer.