Craig Morgan’s Misplaced Patriotism


Craig Morgan is the latest government-loving homeboy who runs the flag up the pole, then proceeds to lecture Seth Rogen for not falling in line and praising Clint Eastwood’s film “American Sniper,” the fictional account of convicted slanderer and killer of at least 160 people, Chris Kyle.

Morgan’s view is the pablum spewed from the pop-culture masses who take their lead from anybody who wears a uniform (which instantly makes one a hero), dumb-downed frogs in a national kettle of statist stew who wouldn’t know the “freedoms” Morgan references if they slapped them in the face. Like so many, he has fashioned a golden calf out of the military, and he worships it as he wanders in the desert of a land where liberty has all but faded, quicker than you can say Chevy Vega.
Morgan’s Jesus is Chris Kyle, and his ilk: members of the all-holy State whose mission in life is the furtherance of the American empire, certainly not the defending of anybody’s liberty. As soon as he rings his non-liberty bell, legions answer the call with their cacophony of “hoo-rahs!” and ‘if you don’t like it, leave it” mantras.


So let me see if I can explain something really simple to you, Captain Morgan. While it is true that whatever liberties any American has left are being eroded from around us quicker than Al Sharpton can shake down a company, it is also true that the American military is complicit in the erosion.

There’s some shock and awe for you, eh?

It is undoubtedly news to you, (the last thing you get from Fox, home of military disinformation) but Chris Kyle was doing NOTHING to ‘defend our freedoms.’


You call anybody who wears an military uniform a “hero.” It’s funny how that works, Craigie. It’s almost as simple as instant mashed potatoes. Don a uniform, and voila! There’s a hero!

Hoo rah!

What you don’t get, because you’re so blinded by this faux sense of patriotism, is that we now live in a police state, and this is because of misguided sheep who share opinions like yours, where you equate patriotism with the support of all things military, which is nothing more than dutiful, blind obeisance to the State, which controls the military.

Got the picture now?

The first Americans fled from this very mentality. The notion of a standing army was repugnant to the founders. When the imperial federal government began to flex its muscle on the South, entire states seceded, and rightfully so, for they saw their liberties being taken from them by the State, enforced by its military.

If you agree that our freedoms are being threatened, then where do you really believe this threat is coming from? Has it never occurred to you that the very Source of the threat is located inside the beltway of a lil’ ol’ hamlet we call Washington DC?

Get a clue, Craig. Iraq is not a threat to us. Never was, never will be. Neither is Afghanistan. Neither is Russia. Neither is Germany, Japan or Australia…..Australia!, where we still have troops stationed. Do you not believe me? Tell me, homeboy, who is it that:

– Takes almost half the earnings of wage-earners in the USA?
– Molests citizens before allowing them to board airplanes?
– Tells you what kind of milk you can drink?
– Determines for you what you can put into your body, and how much?
– Routinely stops you in your car for no legitimate reason whatsoever, and if it feels like it, confiscates your property, such as your car or any cash you might be carrying?
– Demands your children take vaccines which may very well harm or even kill them?
– Forces you to purchase products you do not want?
-Places cameras anywhere they choose to monitor your comings and goings?
-Tells you what sort of weapon you can buy, while arming its tax collectors and postal workers with guns and enough ammunition to really spoil one of your outdoor concerts?

Believe me, I can list plenty more, faster than you can write another one of your songs.

The simple fact of the matter is this: if the American military were actually defending our freedoms, they would be in Washington DC. They would be demonstrating true courage, the kind you know nothing of, the kind which compelled the early Americans to stand up to the tyranny of the crown and declare, knowing it might very well cost them their lives, and those of their children: NO.

Don’t be slamming people who have an opinion different then yours, calling them cowards, while referring to anybody who wears a uniform as a hero, until you’ve actually considered what I have said. A real hero, a true hero, would be standing against the greatest threat to the liberties of Americans, the American government. You’re just too busy saluting the flag and rah-rahing fighter jet flyovers at Nascar events in their dutiful pre-race military glorification ceremonies to actually notice what the hell is actually going on.

You’ve got a voice, and you have some fans. Either use it to take a stand against the real tyranny present among us, or just shut up and sing your songs, leaving out your insipid commentary.

Clueless people can sing. They just shouldn’t speak

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