If I Knew You Were Coming, I’d Not Have Baked A Cake

Lincoln Memorial


We’re in perilous times in America, for sure.   Each day, we see a further encroachment on whatever liberties we have left from all sides, particularly from the federal government, which perpetually not only fumbles the ball given it by the citizenry, but takes it and runs the wrong way.  Its sole legitimate task is to defend the liberties of Americans, yet it is the single greatest offender of same. The list of governmental offenses against us would fill the pages of a really large book, yet the oligarchs who lord over us from the hallowed Beltway have managed to create boogey-men and phantoms that we are told are the real threat.   And it matters not if the president has an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ by his name:   the villains remain the same, and we are constantly barraged with propaganda on television, radio, American “news” outlets and sporting events.  The enemies of America are anywhere but in Washington, so stand, remove your caps, put your hand over your dutiful American heart and sing your approval as the fighter jets flyover.   Why, to do otherwise would be unpatriotic!   And if you’re not in lockstep, you must be some kind of commie.

We see (taxpayer funded)  advertisements on television bombarding us with the non-subliminal, but flagrant message that we are free because the Army, or Navy, or Coast Guard, or whomever, is dutifully standing watch, and keeping the bad guys at bay.   Then we click our remotes, turn off the bedside lamp, and sleep in peace, our Pavlovian mutterings being “Yes, Master…..”

It’s an odd thing to see, for sure.  We can view daily rants on Facebook from people who are fed up with this politician, or that politician in one post, followed by a post glorifying the military.  Such a poster evidently never draws the line from point A to point B.   It never seems to dawn on them that both entities are on the same team.  Oh come on!  The military are the good guys, right?

The contempt for group A (The Beltway Bullies) is at complete odds with the honor and praise given to group B, which carries out the agenda of Group A, willingly, voluntarily, and gladly.  It never dawns on them that if their legitimate disgust with the Washington criminals ever matured into actual non-resistance against same, that it would be the military which would shut down any attempt to make personal liberty a reality again.

In a related vein, we read every day of ordinary Americans going about their lives peaceably, motoring down a highway with the unmitigated gall of actually carrying a weapon with which to defend themselves, only to be accosted by those other, related “heroes in blue” who have no qualms whatsoever with divesting the “person of interest” of their chosen weapon, any cash they might have on them, and the vehicle in which they were hauling the forbidden contraband.

No sir.  They wear a badge.   Hence, they are heroes, too, you commie pinko.

All this has happened within a generation.   All this was actually foretold in a prophecy by a president, no less, as Eisenhower left office.  But the constant barrage of governmental commercialism on our airwaves and sporting events has lulled masses of Americans into a state of hypnosis, and there they sit in their La-Z-Boys with a tear rolling down their cheek as they swig their Budweiser and raise a “Hell yeah!” as the jets fly over, and the gentlemen start their engines.

Sorry.   As the drivers start their engines.

The hypnosis has successfully turned Americans into worshippers of the all-holy State, and those who do its bidding, the military, and those heroic “first responders,” and no real American would ever dare question such hallowed institutions or ideals.   To do so would cause one to be an outcast, an enemy, anything other than what they really are.

It’s just so much easier not to be troubled with the perpetual hard work of the maintenance of liberty.   Just get in line, citizen, take out your state-sanctioned songbook and sing along with us.

It’s a big pill to swallow, because it afflicts the soul seeking comfort, but the fact remains that political and military idolatry leads to tyranny and totalitarianism, and turns hardened serial killers like Chris Kyle and the occasional cop who shows zero restraint with his temperament, and his weapon into heroes.   The mind given over to the state never draws the distinction.

It is hard as hell to wake a body up from such a hypnosis.  Often, they’re only cured when the monster comes a-calling to their own front door, or driver’s window.

Tertullian said that there are three forms of idolatry, the first being cultural or the poetic.   We see that all around us, in our desensitized, American Idol culture.   The only thing that rattles the cages of a lot of Americans is when their cable TV goes out.

He states the second form of idolatry is philosophical, meaning gods created by our own speculation.   We see this all around us, in political, academic and religious circles.   We’ve got more false gods in these three circles than we can count.   Sometimes, the gods intermingle, like when a “church” has a “military appreciation day,” and the dutiful worshippers suspend whatever god is usually on their theatrically-constructed stage in order to worship the State and those aforementioned heroic “first responders,” who are on the front lines, protecting us against, uh……

I’m sorry.   Who are they protecting us from again?

The third form of idolatry is political, and the demonisms that are inherent within.  It is the most insidious, because herein lieth the sword.   If a person refuses to worship at the altar of the all-holy State, they are ultimately faced with the prospect of standing on the wrong side of a gun.

Tertullian was spot on.   Then again, he’d not been bombarded with all the state-worshipping media Americans are exposed to constantly.  But were I a skull doctor, it is the Tertullian tonic I’d be prescribing to those exposed to this military hypnosis.

Such talk is rare in America.   Talk like this and you are automatically relegated to the back of the room, uninvited to gatherings, and – horror of horrors – defriended on Facebook.   But it is the truth.

And the Jeffersons, Madisons, Paines, Adams and Henrys of the world would be “liking” and applauding such a post.

Then again, they never integrated love of liberty with love of military.

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