Losing Our Heads Over Islam

Donald Trump has proposed a temporary ban on Muslim imports, until the feds can decipher the good, bad and ugly. His idea has been met with cries of racism, hatred and intolerance by the media, Hollywood, government, and those with their heads stuck in the sands of ignorance.

The latter group is those who have yet to enlighten themselves on the true nature of Islam. More on that in a moment.

Donald’s proposal is not without merit or precedence, as a similar ban has been employed by former presidents, under the guise, legitimate or not, of the “general welfare”of the United States.

Imagine the Hell’s Angels opening a branch office in your neighborhood. You’d likely soon put your home on the market. If you were the King of your neighborhood, (or president of the Homeowner’s Association), you might just ban the Hell’s Angels from it.

Responsible owners put locks on their doors, and fences around their property, because they wish to protect their loved ones, and their possessions. They don’t do this because they hate anyone. They do this because they love someone, be it a wife, or children.

Even monasteries have walls around them.

Those who have not considered the true nature of Islam are quick to draw illegitimate comparisons to Trump’s idea, saying, “Who’s next? Baptists? Blacks? SEC football fans?”

In other words, because they assume discrimination to be a bad thing, we must not be an offense to anyone, or any group, for any reason. Better to have our heads lopped off than to actually hurt someone’s feelings, no matter what designs they may have on our own safety and security.

The religious comparison simply does not pass the smell test for one very simple reason: Islam does not qualify as a religion. How can anyone say such a thing? By simply studying the roots of Islam, and discovering what its tenets are.

Islam is an ideology which seeks its expansion through violent conquest. Islam teaches that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel, and ultimately, must be neutralized with extreme prejudice.

When one considers the nature of an authentic religion, one element is missing in any of them: coercion. We do not hear of Christians beheading anyone who refuses to follow Christ. We never read of Jews who place non-believers in cages, dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire. We see no reports of Hindus stoning rape victims to death. There are no accounts of Sikhs placing children on crosses and crucifying them. Neither are there stories of Buddhists slashing the throats of infant infidels.

No, it is only in the unique, peculiar, devilish, and ass-backward ideology of Islam that we hear such accounts.

And it is worth noting for the Libertarians among us that such Islamic behavior dates back to its origins in the seventh century. Libertarians quick to demonize Trump’s call to action cite American incursions into foreign lands as the cause of the legitimate phenomenon of “blowback.” Indeed, misguided American foreign policy has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

But these demonic killers were on the march long before the USA set up shop.

The failure to correctly recognize Islam for what it truly is, is reckless and irresponsible. There actually is a legitimate function of government, that being to do for the citizenry what they cannot do for themselves: protect us from foreign invasion.

And there is no doubt, we are being invaded.

Currently, most Muslims in America are pacifists, not dutifully following the teaching of their “prophet.” The Muslims who are wreaking havoc and causing mayhem are by definition good Muslims, who actually take seriously what their ideology commands them to do.

It is not hateful for a man to do whatever he has to do in order to protect his family. Neither is it hateful for a nation’s leader to do for the people therein what they themselves cannot do, and should not have to do. It is his responsibility to insure the safety of the populace.

Playing footsie with those who are committed to our destruction is not a loving thing at all.

Islam is on the march, and most Americans have been infected with the spirit of Neville Chamberlain. Political correctness, this mad dash to be among those compassionate and tolerant souls who refuse to speak evil of, or do anything about those who are committed to our extermination, is the potential signing of our own death warrant.

The man who can stand up and call Islam out for what it really is may not win any popularity contests.

But if he is committed to a peaceful state of affairs, and the general welfare of his nation, he will not care.


© Copyright 2016 Tim Holcombe

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