Memorializing The Death Of Liberty



All this weekend, we’ll see copious amounts of misguided ceremonies, celebrations, and Facebook posts, all dutifully falling in lockstep with the perpetual, government-sanctioned glorification of the military.

We are a nation that lives by its cliches, and that’s about as much thought as we ever put into anything. When facts conflict with the cliches, we howl with outrage, and reject them, preferring the comfort of the latter. Having to actually invest time and energy into re-thinking anything, such as our worldview, political philosophy, or religious beliefs simply does not appeal to our 30 minute sitcom generation.

Really. Does it simply never occur to anyone who uses the utterly worn-out and brainless cliche “support the troops” what they are babbling may actually need a rethink?

Do you really support the troops?

“Oh yes. After all, the troops are defending our freedoms!”


Cliches are thrown at us all the time, particularly by the federal government, and their willing bedfellows in the media. We hear them and often merely accept them, without pausing to reflect on their accuracy. Some things we’ve heard all our lives, just accepting them as true, never stopping to question whether it really is.

This is one of those weekends containing a holiday designed for more glorification of the federal government, under the guise of honoring dead soldiers. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but if one looks closely, they will see what is really happening. For the all-holy State uses such an event to capitalize on the otherwise sincere emotions of people who generally accept whatever they hear as fact, as long as the information is wrapped up in red white and blue. I mean, come on, really. If what we hear is accompanied by marching bands, flags, “heroes” decked out in snappy outfits, who are we to question it? No good American would do such a thing, right?

It’s a difficult thing, this daring to question all the glossy glorification, and it is compounded by the fact that almost everyone has, or has had a loved one in the military, so they feel duty-bound to pledge their allegiance to a worldview that is fraught with error. After all, cousin Dave lost his leg in Iraq fighting for your freedoms. How dare you question The Big Picture, you pinko commie? This is America! Love it or leave it!

Ah, the cliches. Puked out with no actual thought required. Get yours today! (batteries not included.)

The mother who has a son in the Army serving in Iraq, or wherever, is wholly invested in the process, and is not likely to dare question the legitimacy of it. Why, to do so would be unpatriotic. She is not likely to embrace the objective truths, such as the fact that her son is doing the bidding of Barack Obama, or that his efforts (which may result in his death) have absolutely nothing to do with the defense of liberty, or America, or that he is a pawn being manipulated by elitists who have him wherever for all the wrong reasons.

The truth, it is said, is treason in an empire of lies. But she won’t listen to me. Nor will she listen to General Smedley Butler, who had the guts to tell the truth about the war scam. She is wholly invested in junior, and his dashing uniform. “Look at him, Myrtle. Isn’t he handsome?”

It is sad when he comes home with one leg, if that. But they both remain loyal to the USG that sent them. It is a deep-seated scam, this war racket.

The fact is, there are many Americans who actually have laid down their lives for the cause of liberty, although that simply is not the case today, when it comes to the American military, which has become nothing more than a career path for misguided souls who forfeit their autonomy to the God-less State, rather than choosing to, uh, Be All They Can Be.

Really. What is the purpose of a military? To defend liberty and freedom? Can anyone actually say with a straight face this is what the American military is doing today?


The American military is nothing more than a collection of pawns doing the bidding of powerful elitists whose sole purpose is the expansion of the American empire, and the lining of their own pockets. And if a few precious lives are lost in the process, then, hey, that’s just the cost of doing business. All this is supported by a massive media campaign designed to convince the American people that all that is being done is for their own good. All those pesky evildoers in lands far away are being held at bay by all these brave heroes who are protecting your freedoms.

How dare you question such a thing?

The simple fact is the greatest threat to our liberties is our own federal government, and anyone who dares mention this fact is ridiculed and subjected to scorn from the masses, including family members. Mobs are usually wrong. And the mobs who have been suckered into this scam are deadly wrong. As Americans, our allegiance should never be to a flag, or to a military doing the bidding of a government that has ostensibly declared war on us. Our allegiance should be to liberty, period, and the American who has the guts to actually peek behind the curtain to see what the hell is actually going on just might come around to understanding this.

This insidious, ensconced, State-first worldview has become firmly entrenched in America, and has trickled all the way down to our now-militarized police departments, who randomly divest ordinary Americans of their liberty and property. Every day, we can read stories of real Americans carrying real cash in their cars, who are pulled over by these “heroic first responders” who dutifully steal their cash from them. But we cannot be bothered with such information. It’s time for the game to come on (proceeded by the military glorification ceremonies.)

It’s a duplicitous worldview, to say the least. Plenty of Americans bash Obama in one breath, while lauding those in uniform who willingly do his bidding in the next, never stopping to consider the irony of such a notion.

There are people who actually do fight for our freedoms. People who do not wear uniforms, such as Edward Snowden, who dared to stand up to the State, and inform ordinary Americans what it is doing to us every day. After being told “if you see something, say something,” Snowden has to flee his own country to avoid imprisonment after doing his truly patriotic duty, only to be pillaged by the dutiful state loyalists as treasonous. But they have no problem whatsoever worshiping at the altar of mass murderers like Chris Kyle, who lustily did the bidding of his God, the State, killing those who constituted no threat whatsoever to the liberties of Americans. The only threat his victims possibly posed was to American servicemen who should not have been in their nation in the first place.

Like I said, mobs are almost always wrong. And mobs are fueled by misguided emotions, not thoughtful consideration of facts.

Southern Americans fought for their freedoms, when they were assaulted and warred upon by northern aggressors under the command of the bloodthirsty tyrant, Abraham Lincoln. Soldiers in World Wars one and two were sincere and well intended, and were nothing like those who willingly volunteer today to do the bidding of the State. They had no choice, no access to media where they might learn the actual truth about what was happening, and had to serve, or face imprisonment, or worse. In those days, the mask had not been removed from the federal government. Today, the mask is removed, but most Americans, wholly invested in government-as-Savior, simply refuse to look at the truth.

This ain’t your daddy’s military.

It is good and fitting that we memorialize the dead, that we pause and reflect on the sacrifices they made in defense of liberty. It is also good and fitting that we wise up and understand just who actually did such a thing. The shoe simply does not fit everyone who ever wore a uniform and died while doing so.

If Americans truly wish to honor real fallen heroes, they would rise up, expose and oppose every effort their government makes to divest them of their freedoms. They would understand, finally, that the biggest enemy to their liberty is their own government, and everyone who wears a uniform today does its bidding.

This Memorial Day, take a stand for liberty. If you have a loved one in the military, do everything you possibly can to encourage them to get out, and get about the very real business of defending freedom, which is far better done sans uniform.

That would be a great first step. And that would take courage.

But courage was once the hallmark of most Americans.

© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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