Re-branding The South


Last week, yet another doped-up, psychotic killer took the lives of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a terribly sad and tragic story, yet amidst the tears and grief of friends and loved ones, the oligarchs who presume to lord over Americans at national and state levels pounced within hours, agendas intact, ever the opportunists.

Barack Obama launched into his tired, mindless, pathetic, predictable tirade against guns.

South Carolina governor Nikki Haley shed a few dutiful tears, and then declared war on fabric.

Because, you know, had it not been for a flag, this would never have happened.

And so, we wait for the president, governor, senator, congressman, mayor, dogcatcher, or secretary of the department of whatever to condemn ritalin.

Meanwhile, the killer sits in a cell somewhere, kevlar vest nearby, eating a Burger King cheeseburger.

This preoccupation and fascination with flags is a curious thing. Depending on the colors displayed, emotions can be whipped into a frenzy. What any particular flag represents seems to be of secondary concern.

And of course, the flag in question was not the flag of the Confederacy at all, rather, a battle flag from a Virginia battalion. But let’s not have facts get in the way here. We may make Nikki cry again. And doggone it, she just cares so much.

It should be noted, of course, what is generally lost on most Christians in America is that our allegiance is not to be given to any nation or state, rather, the Kingdom of God. No, I do not “pledge allegiance to the flag.” Neither should you, if you claim to be a Christian. We either take the Gospel seriously or we don’t.

Additionally, for those whose hearts get all fuzzy at the sight of the American flag, it might be well to note this particular flag has become a symbol of tyranny. It is especially curious to see any southern American defending it. Those who do not acknowledge, or are unaware (as hard as that is to believe) that we live in a police state still dutifully salute it when they see it. Imagine how an Iraqi Christian feels when they see the American flag.

Oh, sorry. There aren’t hardly any left, thanks to “heroes” such as psychotic mass murderer Chris Kyle. Of course, as we all know, Kyle was over there “defending our freedoms”, so we must continue to “support the troops.” So hey, salute the flag and carry on, nationalists!

(It is time for all Americans, southern or not, to finally realize that the wars waged all over the globe by the oligarchs in the USG are done only to enrich a few elites, and have nothing whatsoever to do with our liberties. The truly patriotic American understands this, and people who do the bidding of these Godless tyrants, such as Chris Kyle, have NOTHING in common with actual military heroes.)

If you are a Christian, your veneration should be reserved for Christ, His Cross, and the Saints. No American flag flies in the Church.

This silly assault on the fabric phantom is a superficial mask for what is really going on here: an attempt, led by politicians who are always anxious at any opportunity to grab more power to re-brand the south, and erase every last vestige of a racism that simply does not exist here, at least in the manner they say it does. Then again, they know this. It is simply an occasion for them to further empower and enrich themselves.

So, Guvnah, I have a question for you: why stop with the flag on the lawn of your state capitol? If you believe a flag which was flown in the Confederate era is actually a symbol of racism, then why don’t you declare an all-out war on every flag, or symbol, or landmark from the Confederate era? If we are to believe you are sincere, then surely you won’t stop now.

The above photo is a carving on the side of Stone Mountain, just east of Atlanta. It features the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, and Generals Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.

If we are to follow Nikki Haley’s lead, Stone Mountain should be turned into a hundred million little marbles.

But let’s not stop there, Nik. We must rename the Beauregard Parish in Louisiana, named after Confederate general P.G.T. Beauregard, one of the designers of the Confederate flag.

And how about Forrest County, Mississippi, named after Nathan B. Forrest? Why, to not rename this county would show we are all racists!

Let’s not forget Bradford County, Florida, Cleburne County, Alabama, Cook County, Georgia, Jackson County, Oklahoma, and Hale County, North Carolina, all named after Confederate officers. Racists, racists, racists! They’re everywhere!

Surely we cannot omit Hampton County, in your own state, Governor, named after Lt. General Wade Hampton III, Confederate cavalry leader during the War of Northern Aggression, and afterwards a politician in your state, representing South Carolina as governor and senator.

The list is endless. Cities, counties, roads, bridges, neighborhoods, signs, landmarks, monuments, flags. Such designations are everywhere. Why? Because they are distinctly southern, which is who we are, save for dolts like Nikki Haley who have morphed into their, uh, enlightened state where they equate all things southern with racism.

What’s next, Governor? Fried chicken and watermelon?

Every southerner should be offended at what is really happening here. It is an all-out assault on the culture – the non-racist culture – that we are attempting to still enjoy to whatever degree, save for the perpetual meddling of the imperial federal government and its warlords like Obama, who finds mind-numbed servants in people like Nikki Haley who dutifully falls in line, because you know, heaven forbid anyone would ever call her a racist! Let’s keep up with the times, people!

The south I know, the south I was raised in, is generally full of gracious and gentle, well-mannered people, and these characteristics transcend race. It may astonish my northern, or non-American readers, but no, I have never actually owned a slave. Neither do I know anyone who ever owned a slave. Never been to a Klan rally. I drink my sweet tea from the same pitcher as anyone else, pigmentation notwithstanding. Neither do I personally know any black folks in the south who act anything like Obama, Jackson and Sharpton, jackasses all, color having nothing to with it, except to these three stooges, of course.

Southerners in particular are constantly barraged with this “racist” crap which fits only a misguided stereotype. It is certainly not a reality. But nobody wants to be seen as a racist, hence, when told that unless they lower that flag, many folks lose their voice, and dutifully comply, ostensibly asking, “Okay, I hate the flag too. Now will you be kind to me?”

There is a general misunderstanding of all this, much of which stems from a false perception of the War of Northern Aggression, commonly called The Civil War. Even most southerners, 150 years after the War, do not understand what it was all about, because they have largely been brainwashed in government indoctrination centers, taught from textbooks ostensibly written by the victors. Their education is the education the imperial federal government has chosen for them.

Thus the mass confusion and misunderstanding.

The War, in a (southern pecan) nutshell was waged by the bloodthirsty tyrant, Abraham Lincoln, who sought to consolidate power in the federal bureaucracy, and would not tolerate any state which demonstrated self-determination on a more local level. In other words, to any state that dared to say, “We’re going to do business our way,” Lincoln basically answered with bullets, saying, “Well, now, we’ll see about that, won’t we?”

I guess I don’t need to remind you where all this started, eh, Guvnah?

Slavery was an issue used by Lincoln for his own advantages. Lincoln never said, “The south has slaves. Let’s attack them and end slavery!” Indeed, Lincoln’s record as a true racist is well documented, not to mention that slavery was an American reality, not just a southern American reality.

It is no coincidence that government school students never hear this side of the story, for the truth about the war does not serve the federal government, which is happy (as we see) to reinforce the stereotype as southerners all being knuckle-dragging racist rednecks. And this brings us back to the nub of the whole matter.

All this utter nonsense, at its root, is simply a guise for the further empowerment of the all-holy federal government, complete with its continued full-fledged assault on whatever liberties we have remaining. Just to prove they were not racists, many Americans voted for this presidential disgrace, twice. It’s the same mentality among people like Nikki Haley, whose brain has exited the building, not to mention her moral compass. God forbid anyone ever see us venerating a flag, and calling us racists! Yessuh Massuh Obama! Whatever you say, Massuh Obama! Lower that racist flag, boys!

Were I a flag waver, I would not allow governmental thugs to dictate to me what sort of flag I would fly. It is a sad state of affairs in this lost nation that most Americans have accepted the reality of the police state we now live in, and dutifully keep their mouths shut at every single encroachment by power hungry oligarchs, whether it be Obama, Nikki Haley, or a local sheriff who acts more like George Patton than Andy Taylor.

It is time for Americans who have any spine left at all to stand up to these bullies, their pens, their phones, and pepper spray and say “no more.” We start doing this by living our lives the way that we see fit, refusing to comply, refusing to accommodate stereotypes, refusing to be dutifully guilt-ridden about who we are. We do this by stepping off the blame train.

I feel like getting in a pickup truck with a Dixie flag, General Lee horn, loaded heat in the glove box, and driving to Stone Mountain, climbing atop and sitting down with a bucket of fried chicken, sweet tea, and a Hank Williams Jr. CD playing in my boombox.

I am a southern American man. If you are a southerner, stop apologizing for it, or feeling guilty about it. You are (almost assuredly) not a racist.

Carry on, Billybob

© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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