Reclaiming Our Stolen Language

I’m gay.

You can’t imagine the profound amount of courage it took for me to type those words. I can hear the teeth of kinfolk dropping from coast to coast. Of course, we have all come to understand just how much courage it takes for anyone to admit such a thing in this backwards, upside down, whacked out, insane American society anymore. Such brave souls!

Darlin, by posting these words publicly, I’m giving a whole new slant on the word brave, not to mention “gay.” I’ll likely be disowned by loved ones who fail to forge ahead to the completion of this pithy little diatribe.

This latest spell of gayness likely originated for me last evening, when my beloved Georgia Bulldogs put a whupping on the Pigs from Arkansas. I suspect there are not too many gay people in Arkansas today. Then again, who wants to live in Arkansas?

Gaiety has hit me at various times in my 5 decades. I was gay when I got my first bicycle. I was gay when my football team scored a big upset. Come to think of it, a lot of the guys on that team were gay!

And when Becky Sue Pumphrey agreed to accompany me to the prom, I was super gay!

I was gay when I married, gay when my kids were born, gay when I went on my first cruise, although thankfully, it wasn’t a gay cruise.

I was watching the best sitcom ever put on TV recently, The Honeymooners. Alice mentioned to Ralph what a gay time they’d had at some hootenanny. Ralph agreed, then sent her to the moon. Anyway, not words you’d hear on any sitcom today.

It seems to me there are words that have been corrupted, and have had their meanings completely changed as the language seems to conform to the changing values of this pop-centric American culture, which takes its lead from the loons in Hollywood, I suppose.

So calm down. I don’t like men.

Well, I mean, not like that. I mean, I play for the National League, if you will. Always have, always will, and my values originate with the Church, not Hollywood, the Former instructing me that behaviors such as homosexuality are not compatible with Christianity. Thus, I defer to the Church, and whether such notions fit in with the current culture must never be the issue.

That being said, I believe a counter-offensive to these pop culture word thieves is in order. I can think of other words which have greatly deviated from their original meanings. Words like “racist,” a word which defines a person who believes in the genetic superiority of one person, or group of people over another, based solely on their pigmentation. Today, you can be defined as a racist just for being a certain color, or adherent to a particular political philosophy.

Insane, isn’t it?

Or how about the word “liberal?” Jefferson and Madison were classic liberals, and in their day, this is what the term meant:

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the term liberalism generally meant a philosophy of public life that affirmed the following principle: societies and all their component parts need no central management and control because societies generally manage themselves through the voluntary interaction of its members to their mutual benefit. Today we cannot call this philosophy liberalism because the term has been appropriated by the democratic totalitarians. In an attempt to recover this philosophy for our own time, we give it a new name, classical liberalism.
Classical liberalism means a society in which my daydream is a reality. We don’t need to know the president’s name. The outcome of elections is largely irrelevant, because society is ruled by laws and not men. We don’t fear the government because it takes nothing from us, gives nothing to us, and leaves us alone to shape our own lives, communities, and futures. 1

By that definition, I am a liberal. But today, the term is a reference to one who holds to a belief at great variance with this definition.

I think this counter-offensive, this war over language if you will, is way past due. I prefer an exact description for today’s “liberals,” which is why I refer to them as what they really are: statist idolators. Such folks have sold their souls to the State, and forfeited whatever liberties they have remaining for a bowl of government-supplied porridge. For them, the State is everything: mother, father, the Source of happiness, food, shelter and lottery tickets paid for with EBT card change.

As Chris Berman says on ESPN: Come on, man!

So that’s it. I am officially reclaiming “gay,” “racist,” and “liberal.” That’s a good start. How does that sound? Would you also declare yourself to be a non-racist gay liberal? Wouldn’t it be great to see a gaggle of red blooded deer hunters coming out of the woods on their 4-wheelers, carci in tow, yelling about what a gay old time they were having? Boo yah!

I’m not a master of the king’s English. I don’t understand every word. Maybe the word that stumped me the most was the ‘R’ word.

“The ‘R’ word?” you ask.

When my two oldest daughters, Tiffany and Tara were about 6 and 4, respectively, Tara once came to me in tears one day as I prepared their lunch.

“Daddy, I said a bad word. I didn’t know it was a bad word. Tiffany told me it was a very bad word.”

“Well, what did you say, honey?”

“Oh, Daddy, I can’t tell you. It’s just too bad.”

I knelt down to eye level. “It’s okay, sweety. I’m your Dad. You can tell me anything.”

“Well, okay,” she said, as more tears welled up in her big brown eyes. “It was the ‘R’ word.”

I scratched my head. “The ‘R’ word? Honey, what did you say?”

“You rotten son of a bitch.”

So go ahead, brave soul. Proudly call yourself a non-racist liberal, and be gay about it.

I’d hate to have to call you the R word.

1. Llewellynn H. Rockwell, “An American Classic Liberalism”


© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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