Requiem For The GOP



Next year, tens of millions of Americans will waste their time by going to their local polling place, look for candidates who have an “R” by their name, cede their autonomy, and grant their permission to be governed by them.

Many of these people will do so because they have fully accepted a lie.  They have bought into the foolish notion that the GOP is the party of small government, and will oppose all efforts by the Democratic Party to roll back the size and scope of government.

In Pavlovian manner, they will dutifully toe the company line, leaving the booth actually believing they have done something constructive.   No actual thought has gone into their action.   It is simple enough for them to believe they have done the right thing.   In voting for Republicans, they figure they will have taught the pesky democrats a lesson, and all will be well with the world.

Right.  All we really need is a houseful of Republicans wed to a Republican president. Any Republican president.  From this political utopia will spring forth the dawning of a reawakened America.   The end result will be less government, lower taxes, a secure border, less regulations, and better education for the children.

And the evildoers.   We mustn’t forget the evildoers.   A Republican-governed America will “smoke out and bring to justice” all the evildoers.  Glory halleujah!  Raise the flag, boys, and put on the Elvis trilogy CD.   His truth is marching on!

The problem is that these dear souls (bless their hearts) cannot be bothered with facts which underscore the truth of the matter on either side of election day.  As long as they do their patriotic duty and punch the chad (and punch it hard, citizen!), all will be well.

Let’s not be bothered with the fact that under GOP rule, government only grows larger and larger.

Exponentially larger.

It grew larger under Reagan, the golden boy of the GOP.   But that’s blasphemy, don’t you know.   This is the hallowed Reagan, after all.   Only a communist would broach the truth about him.

The action taken on election day does not square with the sentiment likely held by most of these otherwise sincere people.  Then again, perhaps a reduction in huge government isn’t really what they’re after.   Perhaps what they’re really after is a huge government which supports their own personal preferences.   If they sacrifice their children to be educated in government indoctrination centers, then they want a government huge enough to accommodate this.  And if they buy into the lie that the American empire must of necessity be forever expanding via the American military, then they will be faithful to today’s GOP, which has successfully sold this notion under the guise of “protecting our freedoms.”

It’s just so much easier to believe whatever you’re told by your GOP warlords.   Heaven knows they’d never actually lie to anybody about such a thing.

As has been noted, history for most people begins in their lifetime.  Hence, today’s incarnation of the GOP is all they know.   They have no frame of reference for the Taft-era Republican Party.   And Barry Goldwater was long ago dispatched as a GOP kook, much like Ron Paul.   They never seem to grasp the notion that the GOP was once the anti-war, truly small government party.

Those days are long gone.   The GOP seeks to further expand the government, while saying the exact opposite.   And their mindless followers, who would buy a Studebaker from Joel Osteen, can’t be bothered with a little homework.

There is no two-party system in America.  There is one ruling party filled with heartless, power-hungry oligarchs who exist for two things:   to acquire power, and to keep same at all costs, liberty be damned.   Liberty is a word they float out at each election cycle, using it in their sales pitch to keep people in line.

The GOP as an opposition party is dead.  Graveyard dead.   All that remains is the logo, and the big party held every four years, with the same speeches from people puking out the same tired lines.   But it is all just rhetoric, red meat for the dutiful masses, many now proving their sheer insanity by slobbering over a billionaire candidate who says he is a Republican.

His checkbook says otherwise.   But, hey, let’s not quibble.   He’s a Republican, dammit!

The Heartland GOP voters keep voting thusly because they believe there remains a political salvation for America.  They are saying, “If only we can elect so-and-so, America will be put on the right path.”

Sorry to break your hearts, kids.    There is no political salvation for America.

Please, let this sink in, finally.


Voting is a sucker’s game,  a complete and utter waste of time.   One is doing their patriotic duty by not voting, for by not voting, you are refusing to give your consent to be governed by these lying leeches.   By not voting, you are declaring your very own declaration of independence, and are doing so in the spirit of Madison, Jefferson and Thomas Paine.  By not voting, you are washing your hands of the entire sordid political orgy, declaring, “That’s okay, boys; I’ll take it from here.”   By not voting, you are divorcing yourself from a completely corrupt and un-salvageable system.

Imagine if  no one voted.   The clothes would fall off that which is naked far sooner.

The GOP is dead.  And that’s alright.   Celebrate the death of a defiled corpse.  Dance on the elephant’s grave.  Once your mourning is over, you will realize you have been set free from the burden of political expectations.   Once free of the entire corrupt process, you’re free to date others.

How about Lady Liberty?

© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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