Secession: The Domain Of Patriots



Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no salvation.

Psalm 145:3

It should have come as no surprise to anyone that Chief Treasonist John Roberts directed his merry band of robed hench-persons in confirming the monstrosity of Obamacare upon all Americans, laughing while banging us all over the head with his gavel, ostensibly saying, “Today, in a 6-3 vote, we have decided all you little people out there will just have to suck it up and do as you’re told. Case closed. Clarence! Get me the gay marriage folder!”

It’s a pitiful sight, watching otherwise decent people clinging to any last vestige of liberty by the fingernails, having been spat upon by the president, the House, then the Senate, hoping against hope that maybe, surely, the hallowed robes will save the day and we can get back to living like the Cleavers.

They had all their eggs in the wrong basket, and no one who understands the nature of such a government was at all surprised by the vicious, contemptible, albeit predictable decision by Jammin’ Johnny and the Rewrites.

Such dear souls seriously need to step outside, look afar off, take a deep breath, and let this truth finally take root in your American heart:

There is no political solution for America’s problems.

Now, exhale. You know you’ve been waiting to.

The reason so many good people were disappointed in the decision of the Supremes is because they are invested in a political solution. Subconsciously, they believe the nirvana they seek will ultimately be delivered by government. All it takes is one die hard, committed conservative to come to power with his or her underlings in the House and Senate, and reverse all the disasters of the past twenty years, while packing the Supreme Court with Scalia clones.

Hey, you, over there with the dazed look on your face: Wake up. It ain’t never gonna happen, Kimosabe.

It is time to realize, once and for all, the nature of the American government. It is a brutal, vicious, heartless, self-absorbed entity, a cruel and poisonous amoeba consisting of thousands of oligarchs who have two goals in life: the acquisition of power and the maintaining of same, at all costs, and this is done at the expense of the citizenry. The state and letter following the name is irrelevant: The nature of the oligarchy transcends political affiliation.

This is not to leave the reader hopeless. To say there is no political solution for America’s woes is not to say there is no solution. It is to say to those who have invested their time, money, energy and affection into the political theatre of American politics, it is time to shift gears. It is time to abandon this track, and move to another.

It is time for Plan B.

Go ahead. Get divorced from national politics. Make this your own personal secession. Say to hell with the lot of them.

Go ahead. Say it. Say it out loud. Now say it louder! The imperial federal government has designs and plans for your life. Tell them to get lost. Tell them you don’t care. Let them have their freak show.

Doesn’t it feel good? Free at last! Free at last! You no longer have to obsess with whatever these cretins do. You’re now in self-preservation mode, formulating your own strategies for your own life, and the lives of your loved ones. No more headline headaches! No more need to witness the endless, pointless debates on O’Reilly and his clueless clucks, governmental devotees, all. You don’t even have to raise a flag, if you don’t want to. It’s all about you and yours, baby, great Americans all.

Now, let’s initiate reprogramming.

I have devoted space on my web site to what patriotism is, and what it isn’t, so there is no need for redundancy, other than to say patriotism is simply love of country. How, then, shall we best express our rediscovered patriotism, now that we have been delivered from the evil clutches of governmental manipulation?

How shall we be a patriotic American? Here are a few simple steps that should be helpful.

1. Fall in love with liberty.

Remember liberty? You danced with her once, long ago, in a skating rink where there were no OSHA agents, waivers to sign, and no Gorebulbs lighting the joint. (But there were really big soda pop cups, and they were legal!) But somewhere, you got sidetracked into the freakish political sideshow which lulled you into a government-sanctioned hypnosis, and you dutifully started playing the game they designed for you right after you turned your skates in.

And then you noticed the change, and thought, “If only I vote for this person, all will be well again.” But that person went to the Beltway with his pocket full of promises, promptly contracted Potomac Fever, and forgot all about that couple skate you had with him.

Because you see, these people are all the same.

So, your heart is broken. That’s okay. Rebound with your old flame, Lady liberty. (Or her brother Larry, depending…)

2. Stop voting.

Voting in national elections is for suckers. Stop being a sucker. It is a ruse, a shell game, political theater designed to assuage the masses, who actually believe their participation in the scam matters. Presidents are selected, not elected, and their agendas are set for them. Whether it be a Bush or an Obama, the net result is more government. Democrat or Republican, it matters not. Can you name the last time a Republican was elected, and the result was smaller government? If you answered Reagan, it is time to recheck the facts. Government grew under Reagan, taxes were raised, and the federal bureaucracy grew, unabated.

If there is an actual viable candidate who could actually reverse the growth of government, he will not be permitted to win. Money buys elections, and candidates are pre-screened by the Council of Foreign Relations. Every four years, it is CFA Candidate A versus CFA Candidate B. Bush vs. Clinton. Clinton vs. Dole. Bush vs. Gore. Romney vs. Obama. It’s like looking in a mirror. A big, government mirror.

Voting must be seen as what it is. When you vote for someone, you are agreeing to be ruled over by whomever received your vote. You are ostensibly entering into a contract. You are saying, “Yes, I like you, and you have my permission to govern me.”

And really, must we actually go over the “less of two evils” non-argument?

Voting in these charades is a complete and utter waste of time and energy. Time is your most valuable asset. Do not waste it standing in line to punch a chad. Spend your time elsewhere. Save your gas.

3. Know Your Enemy

You have no greater threat to your well-being (on the physical side of the equation) than the imperial federal government, which exists to steal, loot, plunder, pillage, divest, harass, bully, investigate, interrogate, detain, molest, and audit you until the day you die, and even after that. The behavior of the Washington warlords is contemptible, yet they have the audacity to tell all we peasants everything they do is for our own safety and security, because there are evil doers in the world.

The evildoers are those oligarchs who presume to lord over us. There is your enemy, and no amount of voting ever changes this. You do not change the nature of the beast.

Forget Isis. Forget the Taliban. Forget al-Qaeda. Forget Syria, Libya, Iran, and Russia. These are phantoms, drummed up by the oligarchs. Are there violent Muslims? Absolutely. Was this a problem for us before we starting meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations? Absolutely not. There is a common thread here. The villain is consistent, if nothing else. The same government that wages perpetual wars on nation after nation after nation has also waged war on its own citizens. Unplug from the whole process. Identify your true enemy, then refuse to participate in any of his activities ever again. As an American, your devotion should naturally be to liberty. And the American government’s number one target is liberty, the very thing it has convinced so many it is protecting.

It is also time to come to grips with this patriotic reality: the American military is in bed with the American government, and willingly does its bidding. It is time for Americans to get over this misguided love affair with a military which has become nothing more than the bouncer in the government’s nightclub. If you think the military is defending your freedoms, your hypnosis-by-government is deep-seated. The military is a sacred golden calf to most Americans, but it is nothing more than a career program for most people who willingly go in it. Generally speaking, today’s military bears no resemblance whatsoever to the military of previous generations. Loathsome killers like Chris Kyle are not to be compared with true military heroes. It is time to slay this golden calf, once and for all. The military is doing you no favors.

4. Unplug the Big Bag Of Gas

Many well-meaning Americans think these radio and TV blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and their ilk on Fox News are actually “standing in the gap,” as it were, preaching daily about the excesses and offenses of government. But at the end of each day, their allegiance is to same. Their solutions are always political. They will always fall in line with a Romney, over an Obama, leading people to believe there is an actual difference, while showing nothing but contempt when an actual patriot is running for office. Read: Ron Paul. Seriously, Gasbag, just whose side are you on?

Nevermind, we already know the answer. Carry on, but really, you should consider untying the other half of your brain.

Instead of looking to these circus entertainers for inspiration, validation and solutions, unplug them and get on with your life. All they ever spout is the government line. True, perhaps a “less government” line, but a government line nonetheless.

5. Get off the grid.

I’m not necessarily talking about becoming one of the Alaskan Bush People, rather, I have practical measures in mind. Stop participating in any government activity, such as voting. Once you realize government is your enemy, formulate your plan as to how you will deal with this enemy. If your retirement plans include Social Security, it is time to make a new retirement plan. Never put any eggs in any government basket. Realize The Great Default is coming, and those who depend on government for sustenance are going to be in trouble. When the EBT cards no longer work, where do you want to be living? Save money. Cash money, and not in a bank. Store things people will always want or need: guns, booze, tobacco, toilet paper, food, and tools. If you’re in a city, buy some land and build a cabin. Have your escape route identified. This isn’t the talk of a nutter. No nation that is over $222 trillion in debt can sustain for long. Make sure there is an Orthodox Church wherever you go. Your soul is more important than your body.

6. Run for local office.

No, this isn’t a contradiction. My view of voting applies to the dog and pony shows known as national elections. The most effective way to initiate change is to do so at the local level. Run for town council. Run for a school board. Run for a seat on the homeowner’s association. Take office with scissors and veto pen in hand. Be a trendsetter. Help make liberty fashionable again down on Main Street. Pray it catches fire in the next town.

7. Start a blog.

Find your voice. Then find your fingers. Go to wordpress or blogger, and start pecking away. Write about liberty. Write recipes. Get creative. Do movie reviews. Start a youtube channel. It’s free. You have opinions: share them. Don’t worry about critics. Be prepared to be ignored and/or insulted by family and friends. Don’t worry about it. Keep going. If you get good at it, you can create a revenue stream.

Whatever you do, blog, Facebook, youtube, or something else, remember this: there is simply no political solution for all that ails America. America as we knew it is toast, and it is time to face that fact. It is over. But it is not hopeless. The time to rebuild will come after The Great Default.

Market yourself. Solution-oriented people will be in demand.

When The Great Default happens, it will be a bad day to be a politician. That’s why you don’t want the stink of American politics on you at all. Go wash your hands, and get on with your life.

The oligarchs’ day is coming, sooner or later.

O Happy Day…

© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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