Uncle Sam, The Ultimate Thug


Today, I forfeited the last cent that was demanded of me by the imperial federal government of the United States, and other assorted governments who all stuck their collective gun in my back and caused me to respond in the exact way I’d respond were a thug to accost me downtown. The crime is the same, as is the result.

It’s the price of, uh, liberty, don’t you know.

Because so many see liberty as emanating from government, not God, then they see it as only fair and just that we swear allegiance and forfeit almost half of our incomes to same.

How dare anyone question the all-holy State? Why,  to do so is to show your contempt for mom, apple pie, your dad who defended America, and obvious heroes, like uh, Chris “Shall we go for 161 kills?” Kyle.

Yes, the good loyal, faithful citizen shuts his pie hole, forks over his dough along with his autonomy, and gets back in line as the color guard raises the flag, the jets fly over, and he dutifully swears allegiance, and obeisance, to the golden calf of government.

What of freedom? Liberty?

Shut your face, they’re doing the coin toss.

So today, I paid in the full the bill for

  • The continued American militarization of the world, and of our homeland. I paid for unconstitutional, undeclared wars to continue. I paid for the gross expansion of the military, even when the Pentagon itself sought cuts, but were denied by congress.  All this being done under the illusion that our freedoms are being defended. And the masses, of course, buy the convenient lie, as it has been told over and over and over, beginning in our youth in government indoctrination centers.
  • Medical insurance for politicians who are not subject to the very law that they foisted upon the rest of the country.
  • Bailouts for bankers and corporations in bed with the USG
  • Hundreds of American military bases in hotbed, war-torn nations, like Guam and Germany.
  • The perpetual refilling of the EBT cards (I really prefer the more stigmatized term food stamps, as there should be shame with the usage of such a device) of able-bodied users who otherwise could work, but refuse to, since they’re getting a free ride by using the government as an instrument of plunder in the same way the aforementioned thug would “do the deed” in a more direct manner.
  • The current craze of plunder by the able-bodied masses who have sold their souls to the god of State: the Social Security disability scam. It goes like this: “Hey, my big toe hurts. Can I sit on my ass for the rest of my life and get somebody else to support me?” “Why sure! Just sign here! And don’t forget to vote!”
  • NASA.  Because, you know, we can only go into space if the government is involved.Right, Wrights?
  • The administration of national and state parks, which should be sold to private developers that could run them far better than government can. Then again, the private sector does ANYTHING better than government can.
  • Kids I don’t even know in all 50 states to get hynotized in government indoctrination centers, their crappy Michelle lunches, and their ritalin.
  • Their administrators.
  • Salaries of legions of IRS employees, whose job is to make sure I comply with the theft in a peaceable manner.
  • Legions of bureaucrats inside the Beltway, and scattered all across the nation, who exist for the sole purpose of assaulting any lasting vestige of liberty which remains for me.
  • Gas for Air Force One, the other jet the wife rides in, the suites, and the tee times. Oh, and don’t forget those nifty little drinks with the umbrellas in them.
  • Public housing. Nevermind that the compassionate thing to do for the poor would be to remove the heartless government from the equation, and allow charity to be done on the local level. Then again, we would have far less corruption and abuse of the system, and what fun would that be?
  • A social security ponzi scheme I want nothing to do with, as I will never receive anything but a fraction of what I was forced (again, at gunpoint) to forfeit.
  • The War of 1812.
  • Military sponsorships of race cars.
  • The DMV. Good lord, the DMV.
  • Fishing. Hunting. Water. Sewage. Emmissions testing. The mating habits of the endangered wharf rat. The effects of methane emmitted from cattle on the atmosphere. Cameras for to spy on me. NPR. PBS. The EPA. Secret Service protection for Jimmy Carter. The state dinner for the king of Botswana. The continued study of man-made global warming. Al and Tipper Gore’s divorce lawyers.
  • Okay, I may be wrong about that last one. But I’m right about the War of 1812. Seriously.

People who still actually get up out of bed and go to work each morning, rare breed that they are, are paying for the continued maintenance of the American empire, both home and abroad, in every way imaginable. And most Americans are quiet, dutiful sheep figuring that’s just the price we have to pay to suck air every day.

How pathetically sad.

And how far we have fallen from the intent of the founders. How tragically we have lost our collective understanding of how to actually live as free people.

And how frustrating it is to be a person who has the stones (literally) to speak out about such things, only to be held in contempt, or utterly ignored, the latter being far worse.

But onward we go, the bill now paid in full, to enjoy the 6 ½ months of liberty we have left.



© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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