Why Edward Snowden Is A Hero


Imagine we live in the same neighborhood. I live in the house to your right, and to your left lives Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith owns a home security company, and I am one of his employees.

One day, you tell Mr. Smith and I that you’ll be going on vacation the following week. After you leave, Mr. Smith calls me in his office, and proceeds to share his plan to break into your home.

I go home, consider what is about to happen to you, and although it will cost me my job, I contact you and tell you of Mr. Smith’s plans to invade your sovereign space, steal, kill and destroy.

I am doing for you what Edward Snowden has done for 300 million Americans.

Americans of my generation are known as baby boomers, and baby boomers were raised in a paradigm where all things American were good, including the American government, and evil was personified in the old Soviet Union. Indeed, some baby boomers can recall having nuclear war drills at school, a symbolic act that occurred when the threat of war hung in the air. Against this threat stood the good guys in the white hats: the federal government of the United States. Bred in such an environment, the boomers equated patriotism with the flag, all things military, and the overriding, albeit insidious notion that government is good, and existed for our protection and our benefit, therefore, we should have no problem supporting it with our resources, and dutiful loyalty. To do otherwise would be unpatriotic.

This was a mistaken, at and times, deadly worldview. It is all the more today.

The proper view of government, specifically the American government, is to see it for what it exactly is: a brutal, violent force which wholly exists to plunder the very citizens it feigns to protect. This proper view contradicts the boomer view, which naively assumes government is good. They somehow fail to connect the legion of dots, blinded by a false security and a government-inspired definition of patriotism.

Were it some non-government villain committing the crimes, they’d likely not be so docile. But when one considers the offenses the government perpetrates on its subjects on a static balance sheet, things become a good bit clearer. Consider an immoral, brutal entity that:

– Takes almost half the earnings of wage-earners
– Molests citizens before allowing them to board airplanes
– Tells you what kind of milk you can drink
– Determines for you what you can put into your body, and how much
– Routinely stops you in your car for no legitimate reason whatsoever, and if it feels like it, confiscates your property, such as your car or any cash you might be carrying
– Demands your children take vaccines which may very well harm or even kill them
– Forces you to purchase products you do not want
-Places cameras anywhere they choose to monitor your comings and goings
-Tells you what sort of weapon you can buy, while arming its tax collectors and postal workers with guns

At what point does an American finally realize that the government he has ostensibly sworn allegiance to is actually his enemy? What does it take for this person to finally understand that his liberty is in the crosshairs of the very government he heretofore assumed was his friend? When exactly, does it finally dawn on him that the pre-sporting event military glorification ceremonies, the flagrant state-worship and flag waving are all not-so-subtle methods used by the government to instill within him obeisance to it, rather than an undying commitment to liberty? When is the morning he awakes to the realization that his pursuit of “life, liberty and the American dream” is the nightmare of the American government, which is doing everything in its power to assault such pursuits?

How can he be persuaded that there is a difference in America the nation…..and the American government, and rejection of the latter is utter fidelity to the spirit of revolution proclaimed by the Jeffersons, Paines and Madisons?

To say one loves his country, but despises its government…..is wholly American, and entirely the domain of patriots.

It is this government, this wretched, Godless imperial federal government, which continues its daily assault on the privacy and sovereignty of its citizens. And it is this to which Edward Snowden strove to alert his fellow countrymen. This is why Snowden is a patriot, a man walking in the footsteps of Jefferson.

This is why he is a hero.

And it is damned time every American woke up to this fact, unwrap themselves from their flags, understand this government is their enemy, not their protector, divorce themselves from all its proceedings, including these meaningless charades known as “elections,” and re-commit themselves to lives devoted to liberty.


© Copyright 2015 Tim Holcombe

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