Ann Coulter: All Hat, No Cattle

Ann Coulter


Ann Coulter is popular among conservatives and alt-righters who are enthused by her fiery rhetoric, and her demonization of all things liberal.

She possesses a tongue of acid, and a potent pen. To her credit, she’ll place herself among dens of wolves, such as her appearance on Bill Maher’s cable yuck-fest, the assemblage of degenerates who view everyone to the right of them as charter members of the KKK.

Coulter was an early boarder of the now fully derailed Trump train, going all in with the foolish assertion that as president, Trump would lead us all into the glories of conservative governance, complete with a wall that never was going to be built.

This belies a profound ignorance that exposes Coulter as the empty suit she actually is.

That she criticizes Trump for his waffling on the wall (among everything else: China, taxes, Obamacare, Nafta….) is rich, considering her own waffles regarding her now canceled appearance at Berkeley.

While Coulter rails against all things liberal, she blows a chance to go into the nerve center of the left wing cesspool, ostensibly saying she doesn’t have the courage of her convictions. Coulter had the perfect opportunity on the perfect stage to further expose and embarrass the loony left, but chose to retreat to her laptop.  The golden opportunity was wasted.

“But wait,” you say. “It was too dangerous for her to appear.”

Really? A gal of Coulter’s wealth couldn’t afford to hire a cadre of ju-jitsu bouncers to surround her like…like…a wall?

Said Ann:

He’s the commander in chief! He said he’d build a wall. If he can’t do that, Trump is finished, the Republican Party is finished, and the country is finished.

Really Ann? The country is finished?

Such ignorance is astounding. In Coulter’s world, politics is the heart and soul of America, and for America to survive, we must have a political savior. Thus, like so many, she put all her eggs in The Donald’s basket. Now, like them, she’s been left standing at the altar of the State, another broken-hearted bride who actually believed a president was going to lead us to the Promised Land.

American politics is a sideshow, a carnival midway attraction in which most Americans are not caught up. (Seen a man on the street interview lately?) Americans are far more interested in family life, entertainment, sports and their own daily 9-5 grind. They are not invested in the sham of American politics. For her to actually believe American politicians are going to deliver some sort of nirvana is just plain silly.

America is not ruled or governed by elected politicians. That role belongs to the deep state, or specifically, unelected bureaucrats who are not subject to the electoral process. Presidents come and go. Bureaucrats never leave, until it is time for them to collect their federal pensions. Their influence is far more reaching into the lives of Americans than any politicians, and presidents do not change this fact. The only thing that will ever change this is the looming Great Default.

Coulter calls Trump’s failure to build the wall “worse than LBJ escalating the Vietnam War.” This is preposterous. Vietnam resulted in 59,000 American deaths, 250,000 South Vietnamese troops and over 2 million civilian deaths.

Coulter foolishly believed this 70-year-old billionaire was serious. This is all a side show for Trump, who will entertain himself and his Twitter followers until 2020. Then he will leave his current digs with no wall having been built, Obamacare still in place, holding hands with the Chinese president he railed against just months ago.

Ann makes her living as a political pundit, one who pens her narratives about this political freak show, having fully bought into the concept that as Washington goes, so goes America.

Much to her chagrin, America will survive without a wall. In spite of the current cultural rot, liberty is not on her death bed. The great thing about a massive bureaucracy is that it’s impossible to effectively regulate the lives of 330 million Americans. Their ineptness is on grand display on a daily basis.

Coulter lives in a political bubble. It is her world, and her hero has left her wanting. What did she expect? What did anyone expect?

Ann will keep going. Though Trump has disappointed her, she’ll still keep cashing the checks from her book royalties. And around 2019, she’ll find a new political boyfriend to give her heart to, one that will yet again be broken should he take the oath of office.


© Copyright 2017 Tim Holcombe














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