$400k Per Speech? Yes We Can!



It’s quite a gig, this being an ex-president. There is evidently quite a market for someone who has nothing to say yet has “former boss at 1600 Penn” on his resume.

The disgusting irony of such a spectacle should be lost on no one. An American fascist, wholly committed to the destruction of any free-market based economy, now revels in cashing huge checks simply for setting aside his beloved golf clubs, putting on an Armani, and belching out thirty-minutes-worth of meaningless anecdotes.  All the while his uppity-schmuckity audience sniffs their wine and affixes their gazes on The One, admiringly.

Then he leaves the joint, loosens his necktie, and lights a Marlboro.


It was this same Lord Obama who bemoaned the prospect of anyone making a buck, picking up the mantle of the schoolmaster, and lecturing his far-inferior citizen-subjects.

“There will be time…to make profits and there will be time…to get bonuses,” said he, the omnipotent arbiter who shall determine the appropriate size of your bank account. “Now is not that time.”

Now is not that time?

Well, now we know when “that time” is.  It’s after you’ve pillaged the country you’ve lorded over for eight years, successfully leading the co-opting of 1/6 of its economy. Then, and only then, can you look back over the ravaged landscape of your handiwork and start pulling in millions with speeches no one really wants to hear and books no one wants to read.

The hypocrisy of these leftists knows no bounds and is dismissed by their idolizing followers who cannot seem to make the connection between what a man says and what he does.

While slamming the “evil rich” and denouncing Americans who dare pursue wealth, such shysters enrich their own coffers while enjoying their taxpayer-provided Secret Service protection.

Or have Bernie Sanders adherents not seen photos of his opulent homes and fancy sports cars?

Do as I say, not as I do, eh, Bern?

Democrats have sustained themselves for decades by demonizing success and turning anyone who will vote for them into a victim. Why, it just isn’t fair that Mr. Jones lives in that big house on the golf course. Vote for us and we’ll make sure he gets his! And then you’ll get yours.

The American left is planted in a seedbed of envy where classes and races are pitted against each other. The notion that those who work hard, practice thrift, and eventually achieve some level of financial success has been thoroughly dismantled. Far more virtuous is the idea of making every citizen a government dependent, where an exalted messianic leader makes the executive decision as to who gets what and how much.

These rules, of course, do not apply to the one who makes such royal decrees. For when Obama says to his subjects “now is not the time” to earn profits, he means “now is not the time for you to earn profits.” He who bellows such instructions from his lofty estate is exempt, you see, from that which he designs for the lowly peasants.

And the peasants – those who punch the “D’ chad –  wag their heads in admiring devotion, eyes glazed over, unable to discern the glaring hypocrisy.

Perhaps I could live a peaceable life as the subject of a king. It’s far more difficult, however, to live as an American under a man who presumes himself to be what he isn’t, particularly when he lords over his “bitter clinger” peons in flyover country with a forked tongue.

I would not seek medical services from a mechanic. Neither will I take economic counsel from a socialist, particularly one whose administration was filled with academics and laptop-toting theoreticians who never had a job, much less started a business. The simple fact of the matter is that he who now hauls in $400g’s at a pop couldn’t run a successful paper route.

But this is our America anymore, where the seeds of envy have produced enough people who believe all things for our sustenance, right down to cable TV, comes from the government. Politicians like Obama, Sanders, Clinton, and now plenty of Republicans, seize on this sentiment, promising a bag full of goodies in exchange for a vote.  And those who vote for them do not give a tinker’s dam about the utter hypocrisy present in the lives of such charlatans.

The exorbitant speaking fees mean nothing as long as the EBT card works.


© Copyright 2017 Tim Holcombe




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