Congrats, Trump. The Wall Is Built



Donald Trump came into office as the most politically naive president, at least in my lifetime. He promised lots of things, such as promising to drain a swamp while knowing nothing about how the stinking Beltway ecosystem works.

Of course, the net effect of the Trump presidency will offer about the same level of hope and change as his predecessor. What the naive president and his legions of Trumpsters fail to understand is that nobody changes the way Washington does its business. Kennedy actually tried that trick, and it got him killed. Reagan used such rhetoric, but rhetoric is as far as he ever went, leaving office eight years later with the government he vowed to trim bigger than ever, with mammoth deficits to boot.

It only took about five months, but the Swamp Creatures have successfully built the equivalent of a Mexican wall around the president, rendering him a boisterous, loud talking cat without claws. As predicted while he was still talking about his hand size in the campaign, there will be no wall, neither will there be a repeal of Obamacare. Indeed, when this huge government-loving New York liberal cheers the Senate bill to uh, repeal Obamacare – the bill which is ostensibly worse than the original, the hopeless notion that Washington would ever reverse any freedom-sucking legislation is quickly dispatched.

Trump has always been a shark, but now he is surrounded by a pool, er, swamp of sharks who have effectively rendered him powerless.  He stands isolated, under perpetual investigations, special prosecutors and bloodthirsty media. He is politically paralyzed, having had to declare yet another bankruptcy, what little political capital he came into office with long gone. He will spend the next 3.5 years putting out fires, many of them self-inflicted. He is often his own worst enemy, such as firing an FBI director who should have been sent packing shortly after Trump took his hand off Abe Lincoln’s Bible.

On the other side of the aisle is Nancy Pelosi, who rank and file Democrats wish would retire, but haven’t the guts to send her packing. Pelosi remains a political liability, being used in the recent Georgia 6 contest by eventual winner Karen Handel as the albatross Pelosi is. Showing her in political ads is the equivalent of showing a cross to Dracula.

And it’s business as usual in the Senate. Trump or Mitch McConnell make a declaration, and Chuck Schumer comes out and preaches about how whatever they say is going to starve children and kill little old ladies. Blah, blah, blah. The perpetual rerun of rhetoric, with the same result, and the Swamp endures another pebble causing a harmless ripple on the surface.

And that’s all Washington is: a never-changing cesspool of rhetoric only. Washington never changes, and hasn’t since the Adams presidency. Yet millions of Americans continue to believe that if only someone like Trump, or Reagan, or maybe, maybe Pence will be elected to the presidency, he will somehow lead us to the Promised Land. The idea that presidents will do anything like this is the epitome of fake news.

The only citizens who are guaranteed a lifetime of security and stability are those in government, which include the innumerable faceless masses of the ever-expanding, unelected federal bureaucracy. No matter who occupies the presidency, this never changes.

Trump has been effectively neutered, and that is why he will not be impeached. Even if he were, the Senate would never convict him. His only conviction would be by the electorate, if the looming recession occurs around November of 2020.

The net effect of all this nonsense is that Washington will remain in perpetual political gridlock, and that is a bonus for subjects of the never-changing bureaucracy. Presidents and Congress are not in charge of Washington: the bureaucracy is, and this bumbling monolith stumbles along, with its shoelaces tied together.

Only one thing will drain the Swamp, and it is the Great Default. When the federal checks bounce, Washington will lose its hold over the subjects who have invested all their hopes and dreams in salvation by politics.

And one day, the checks will surely bounce, regardless of who is a resident of 1600 Penn.




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