Thankful, Again



It’s my own annual tradition, this listing of things for which I’m thankful, but it’s not an original idea. I was always a big newspaper reader (remember newspapers?) Even as a kid, I’d read the paper daily.  Furman Bisher was the sports editor for the Atlanta Constitution, and the idea originated with him, unless he lifted it from somebody else. Each Thanksgiving, his bullet-point list would go to print and I’d scour it before reading the scores or Lewis Grizzard’s column (unless he’d been out too late the previous evening and missed his deadline.)

Anyway, here we go. Gratitude, 2017 style.


  • I’m thankful for the aforementioned Furman Bisher. May he rest in peace.
  • I’m thankful for the Natchez Trace Parkway, though this is not an endorsement of such federal activity.
  • I’m thankful M-m-mel Tillis didn’t go out like Hank Williams.
  • I’m thankful for college football, as much as I am thankful for empty seats in NFL stadiums.
  • I’m thankful for my wife’s tastes-just-like-Almond Joys-candy, a most worthy replacement for that which I can no longer consume.
  • I’m thankful for the feel of the ride on new tires.
  • I’m thankful for the glorious Waze app, and for the feeling of victory when another revenue collector has been foiled.
  • I’m thankful the Clintons are apparently going out of fashion.
  • I’m thankful to finally have a first lady who has some.
  • I’m thankful I can still remember my version of “the good old days,” although we have to be careful with nostalgia. If you think you would have liked to live in the 1800’s, think “dentistry.”
  • I’m thankful for She Who Sits Across From Me as I type these words.
  • I’m thankful I can no longer remember when I had a bout with kidney stones. Boy, am I thankful.
  • I’m thankful for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.
  • I’m thankful I got a train set one Christmas, and I wish I still had it.
  • I’m thankful for running water with which to shower and make the aforementioned coffee, all at the same time, via different faucets.
  • I’m thankful for free markets, which Amazon is using to do to WalMart what WalMart did to Mom and Pops.
  • I’m thankful for peanuts at the Road House, which makes the table waiting tolerable. Genius.
  • I’m thankful for hats, which it seems more and more I’ll employ as the years go by, sparing my helicopter landing pad from sunburn.
  • I’m thankful for roadside assistance.
  • I’m thankful at the end of a journey, when I didn’t need roadside assistance.
  • I’m thankful for YouTube videos of Luciano Pavarotti.
  • I’m thankful for medical care in Mexico. Seriously.
  • I’m thankful my little mama’s recipes have been saved for posterity.
  • I’m thankful for the Rockies, and I hope to see them soon.
  • I’m thankful for States with reciprocity but remain curious about the ones who apparently failed to read Amendment Number Two.
  • I’m thankful none of my kids ever asked for drums. At least I don’t think they did. I do know no such request was ever granted.
  • I’m thankful for hot tubs. I wish I could be thankful for owning one.
  • I’m thankful for the smell of Thanksgiving.
  • I’m thankful for my daddy, and I wish he were going to be at the table carving Tom.
  • I’m thankful for teflon.
  • I’m thankful for Dr. William Davis.
  • I’m thankful for ice. Crushed, preferably.
  • I’m thankful I got to experience the thrill of my team finally winning a World Series, but not thankful for the heartbreaking, crushing defeat at last year’s Super Bowl. (That’s before I went sour on the NFL.)
  • I’m thankful some lunatic didn’t actually kill Senator Rand Paul.
  • I’m thankful Chevy gave up on the pitiful Vega.
  • I’m thankful for Brian Regan. YouTube Brian Regan Pop Tarts. You’ll be thankful, too, after you stop crying.
  • I’m thankful for little arms of grands around my neck.
  • I’m thankful when she says “You want more coffee?” then fetches it for me.
  • I’m thankful for the turkey I’ll butcher as I think of the turkey in the woods just off my back deck who constantly pesters us with his endless clucking. Take that, Tommy.
  • I’m thankful I can do my Christmas shopping with a few clicks.
  • I’m thankful when I hit the sweet spot with my driver, but I wish it happened more often.
  • I’m thankful for RVs, which allows one to live in perfect weather.
  • I’m thankful when the taxes are done, but wish it didn’t take half the year to get them done.
  • Oh and I’m thankful for CPAs.
  • I’m thankful for Lassie, but wish kids raised on Sponge Bob could discover him.

I’m thankful you read this, and bid you all a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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