My Wheat Belly Journey





When I was a college freshman, I stood at 5’11” and weighed around 170 pounds. I remained that thin for about three more years. By the time I was 20, I was well north of 200 pounds and remained in the 240-250 pound ballpark for the next three and a half decades.

During those years, I attempted weight loss with every conceivable gimmick. You name it, I was on it. And of course, I had some temporary victories, losing around 50 pounds twice. But it’s the same old worn out story of losing it, only to gain it all back, and then some.

Looking back, I now see two evident problems with modern day weight loss plans. The first problem is that many, if not most of them are based on the infamous federal government “food pyramid” which advocates for consuming poison.

Yes, I said poison. More on that later.

Secondly, most all the diet plans we find in rows of books at the local library are just that: diet plans. I had a friend years ago who told me she was on the “stick diet,” which restricted one’s eating to “sticks” of food. Carrots, celery, radishes and the like. Now, can someone lose weight by limiting their food intake to “sticks?” Certainly! Can someone limit their food intake to “sticks” for the rest of their life? Highly doubtful, I’d say.

(On the other hand, throw in a stick of butter, and we’ll talk!)

Enter now the knight in a lab coat, the medical maverick who dared to take on the AMA, American Heart Association, the aforementioned food pyramid, and most prevalent ideas in the modern era regarding not only weight loss, but health care in general.

That’s Dr. William Davis leading the Braveheart-style charge against bogus ways and means of health care. That’s Dr. Davis counseling his students to eat more fat! as the eyes of his colleagues widen.

That’s Dr. Davis, author of New York Times best-selling books such as Wheat Belly, Wheat Belly Total Health and Wheat Belly Ten-Day Detox who has pulled back the curtain, revealing the charlatan dressed up like a food pyramid.

In short, we’ve been lied to. We’ve been told to eat all the wrong things, all of our lives. I’ll spare the reader the technical details which are available in the books, but obesity in America is epidemic. And it’s epidemic because we simply do not know how to eat, and what to eat. The reliance on the pyramid causes us to eat grains, sugars, and processed foods – all of which are poison. After years of eating such non-foods, there is a predictable outcome of obesity, type-2 diabetes, auto-immune diseases, heart disease, fatty liver (hello, me), and rheumatoid arthritis. The list goes on and on. Fortunately, so many of the diseases we see today are entirely preventable by simply changing one’s way of eating.

It shouldn’t take much effort to convince anyone that sugar and processed foods are poison. But modern-day wheat is every bit as poisonous as sugar, having no similarities with wheat from Biblical times. As the good doctor has stated: all modern wheat, which he refers to as “Frankenwheat”, is as toxic and as addictive as many drugs and makes people want to eat more food, especially junk foods. In an appearance on The Doctor Oz Show, he said, “The wheat of today is nothing like the wheat of 1960, 1950—that is, the wheat that our moms or grandmothers had—so it has been changed. This new crop has implications for human health that have never been anticipated. So this is appropriate for nobody, no human, nobody in this audience, should be eating this modern creation of genetics research.” 1

And so it is. Imagine if I told you that you could never again eat broccoli. You may not even blink. No big loss, right? But what if I were to tell you-you could never have bread, sugar or processed foods? You might start shaking! That’s because such non-foods are not foods at all! They are, as Dr. Davis describes them, a modern creation of genetics research. And these non-foods are highly addictive.

Wheat Belly is not a diet. Wheat Belly is a way of eating. Wheat Belly emphasizes eating real, single-ingredient foods while eliminating grains, sugars, processed foods and modern-day genetically modified franken-foods. Those who subscribe to the Wheat Belly lifestyle will naturally see weight loss and a reversal of a myriad of afflictions because one can subscribe to such a way of eating forever. Wheat Belly works. Indeed, we Wheat Belliers eat well!

The testimonials from Wheat Belly veterans are legion. This is my own.

In March 2017, I weighed in at a whopping 258 pounds. I’d also been diagnosed with fatty liver, and my doctor advised me I was flirting with type-2 diabetes. I sat down with my wife Marina and discussed a strategy she’d read about on the internet called Wheat Belly. We ordered the book, joined a WB Facebook group, and began our Journey.

One year later, she has lost 50 pounds.  I have lost 86 pounds, dropping from 258 to 172. Additionally, I have reversed the fatty liver, and recent blood tests show normal liver function.

All this was done with no starvation, only the elimination of the aforementioned villains. We still go out and enjoy a big fat steak and delicious salad. Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe, fat is our friend!

For me, Wheat Belly is not merely about losing weight. It is the way of eating, a way of life, the ultimate answer to health care and maintenance. Americans are being bankrupted by modern day “health care,” when the solution to their well-being potentially sits in their kitchens (right beside a few sticks of butter.)

For weight loss, Wheat Belly is the answer. But it’s also the answer for prevention and reversal of a host of illnesses.

Dr. William Davis goes against the grain. (get it?) His bold stance places him directly at odds with modern conventional medicine. But the growing list of people whose lives have been changed by implementing his Wheat Belly way of eating validates everything he has written.

Dr. Davis, I’m a lesser man, because of you. Rock on, sir.  Rock on.


4 thoughts on “My Wheat Belly Journey

  1. You and Marina are my inspiration! Thank you both for believing in Dr. Davis and in turn sharing your victories. Thank you for believing in and encouraging me.


  2. Hey Tim . . . wonderful to hear of your victories and KEEP ON GOING!!! Thank YOU for sharing your WB journey!!!

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing about my WB journey which began immediately following my primary care apptmt Oct. 22, 2015, when she was going to give me a prescription for injections because, as a Type 2 diabetic, she said…”Your diet, oral meds, and exercising are doing nothing, but causing your blood sugars to rise!” I had fatty liver, crazy cholesterol numbers, AlC of 10.9.

    I asked for a 3-month “stay-of-execution” and reminded her that, not only had I saw Dr. Davis on The Dr. Oz Show, then Dr. D’s PBS Special, but also had been reading about this way of eating for the previous 8 months. She consented. I was fully determined to commit to following this WB way of eating for only 1 month.

    After 1 week, my blood sugars–fasting & post-prandial–were NORMAL!!! I went past one month, then two months then,
    at the next apptmt 3 months later, my A1C dropped to 7.1, no more fatty liver, lost 19 lbs. [EFFORTLESSLY!] and blood work?…well it gets even better!!!

    Before seeing me, she was shocked at my blood work results and she just HAD to confirm with the 2 office nurses whether this was the correct blood work results for me! When she entered the examining room, she had the biggest smile on her face an the entire time. She asked, “So, how do you think your blood work results turned out?”

    She had paper and pen in hand and asked exactly what I did to have this happen because she wanted to pass along this information to her other diabetic patients whom she claimed are getting worse and worse. I shared the WB way of eating with her for an entire hour while she took notes.

    She waited a full year before telling me that I had “officially reversed diabetes” and she had never ever had a patient do this!

    It’s been 2.5 years now since following Wheat Belly . . . and I will NEVER go back. As I shared my life-giving story again to some friends earlier today at dinner, one of them said they would cheat on their “other diets” . . . but I told them I NEVER CHEAT…feeling too good to do so and fully very satiated so that I don’t even need to eat everything at one meal…I can push away food at any time. And EASY??? WHY YES! The easiest thing I’ve ever done.

    To-date . . . 65+ lbs. lost, currently size 6 [from 18], reversed diabetes after being on meds since 1998! Family history of diabetes, but that “d2” giant has been put in its place and I don’t plan on waking it up anytime soon! 😉

    Am one very thankful woman to Dr. Davis and his team . . . I sure wish I knew about all this a long, long time ago.


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