While relaxing in the Florida Keys, Panama’s solitude is invaded by overbearing neighbors, and their yapping dogs.  He is finally rescued by an old friend, Faye McGrath.

Faye invites Panama to visit her private Caribbean island, where he meets Piper, a stunning Latino beauty, and daughter of Faye’s boyfriend.  Panama discovers the haughty Piper a tough shell to crack.  But on a bright, sunny day, while avoiding each other on a small beach, they suddenly hear gunshots, and witness a horrific airplane crash, in the blue Caribbean sky .  After the subsequent discovery of floating treasure, they join forces and devise a daring plan to elude imminent danger from those determined to recover the bounty.

Ride along as Panama navigates his way from the Caribbean, to South Dakota’s Black Hills, in a quest to return the stolen treasure to its rightful owner.  Along the way, he must outrun international criminals, while surrounded by a biker gang!

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