Tim Holcombe was born in Marietta, Georgia in 1961, the son of a mechanic and a homemaker.    After high school, he attended college in Florida to be trained, of all things, to be a pentecostal minister.

After years of soul-searching, he left the ministry and became a salesman, all the while writing, primarily short stories of southern humor, which you’ll have to dig to find.   If you find them, they could be worth dollars.   Or even cents.

It was only in his mid-fifties that he began to get serious about writing books of fiction and columns with a middle-aged contrarian’s viewpoint, and with the help of a built-in first editor, a retired English teacher who also provides occasional shoulder rubs, expects to produce a novel per year, or until his fingers stop working.

He currently lives in Alabama, where he remains allergic to cats.   He is married to Marina, and is the father of four grown fantastic kids.